Viktor Basharkevich

Software Engineer

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About Me

I love building out software. My skills include frontend/backend web development, DevOps and machine learning.

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Email: basharkevichv at gmail dot com

My Skills

Python Django/DRF JavaScript React.js HTML5 CSS3 Java Git Linux/Bash AWS Heroku



Gif of MarketEye in action

Find the sentiment of all stocks in the S&P 500 using machine learning and web scraped data from Twitter!

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ML Personality Matching

Gif of Krkly in action

Cofounder/CTO of Match with similar people using a machine learning matching algorithm. 100+ users, 100+ matches, 5,000+ pageviews, provisional patent pending.


Sorting Visualizer

GIF of sorting visualizer

Visualizes several sorting algorithms with adjustable speed. Made in JavaScript, demonstrates understanding of Data Structures/Algorithms.

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Gif of PyStocks in action

Using Python and PyQt5 as the GUI library, this tool tells information about stocks and has the option to show a chart, (made with Matplotlib). Users enter a ticker symbol to get info.

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